General Information

What's a VPS / Cloud Server?

VPS is an acronym for "Virtual Private Server.", in other words it's a remotely hosted machine / computer in which you can remotely access. Generally a VPS is also online 24/7 with little to no downtime.

What's the purpose of a VPS?

The purpose of a VPS is that it provides you a way to host the bot in an environment which doesn't suffer from down time or offline time and has much more stable connection to the internet.

This allows you to the reliably host the bot without worrying about power or internet outages, as well as eliminating the need to leave your computer at home running 24/7.

Another advantage is that a VPS can be easily accessible and controlled remotely from your home computer or mobile phone.

Minimum Requirements / Recommendations

  • 2-4GB RAM
  • 20GB Free Storage
  • 2-4+ VCPU
  • (dot).Net Framework 6
  • Windows Server (2012/2016/2019)
  • Windows auto updates disabled (Avoid unsuspected server restarts, please update windows manually and often)

The above requirements are aimed at people running between 1-50 accounts simultaneously, obviously the more accounts you are planning to run the better the specifications of your VPS are going to be.

If your bot is facing a lot of issues with connection or lag then it is most likely an indication that your machine/VPS is not powerful enough.

Contabo - A stable and competitively priced provider which has been proven to run Lords Bot with great stability.

How to remotely access a VPS


  1. Open Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on your Windows device.
  • Windows Start Menu > Search > "REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION"
  • Alternatively > Windows Key + R > mstsc > Enter
alt text
  1. Input the IP Address for the VPS, the company you purchased the VPS from will provide you this information.
  • This information includes, IP, Username, Password
alt text
  1. Once the correct IP is entered, press connect. The RDP app will most likely prompt you for user credentials, this is where you can enter the provided username and password.
alt text
  1. If all details are correct you will have entry to your VPS and you can use it the same as you would with a regular computer.
  2. All that's left to do now is install Lords Bot and let it run on the server, when you close out of the server the application will be left running and you can regain access at any time by logging back into your VPS.