Main Interface

The main Lords Bot Interface

Adding Accounts

Create AccountCreate New Account - Make a brand new account using the system's local IP. Bulk Create Account - Makes 1 or more accounts using either the system's local IP or Proxies.  Note:  Accounts made on a proxy will have their proxy set to whichever one created the account automatically.

Account Grid

The GridThe Account Grid shows all your accounts that you have using the bot. It gives a summary of all the accounts. The summary is displayed in Twenty columns: · Column 1 – Has no title but contains checkboxes to select specific accounts to apply actions to. · IGG – The IGG ID · Auto-Start


Rename Renames selected accounts. This opens a new window where you can rename multiple accounts using the following options: · Base Name - Sets the shared part of the name that will appear at the start of each account's name. · Five Figure Random Number - Will add a random selection of

Ribbon Bar

The Ribbon Bar is where you will find general options for the Bot as well as bulk actions for your accounts. PurchaseOpens the account management website in your default browser. Import AccountPlease see here. Create AccountPlease see here. Proxy SettingsPlease see here. StartWill start the Bot on the selected accounts


Changing TemplateThe Templates button is where you can create, modify and apply saved settings to your accounts. Open Folder - Opens the /templates/ folder, you can save downloaded templates here, or delete/share templates from this directory. Clicking a template name - Applies that template and its settings to the

Need help?

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