The Account UI contains all configuration and management options for a account within Lords Bot.

The Account UI can be accessed by double clicking the account on the Main Grid.


Quick controls (Green)

From left to right the options in the Quick Controls are:

  • Open/Close Side Bar..
  • Save Settings (The arrow next to it can be used to access Misc Settings). - Although all settings are applied upon making a change, they will not persist a restart until you click save.
  • Start - Starts the account.
  • Pause - Stop the account.
  • Previous - go to the previous account.
  • Next - go to the next account.

The side bar contains information about the account, detailed information about the Side Bar can be found in this Article.

These pages contain different settings and views within the account. and replace the large center area of the Account UI.

You can use the links below to quickly access their Articles

Current Action (Purple)

The current action area displays the last log entry on the left hand side, and the Action Bar on the right.   The action bar displays the current task the bot is performing.

Log Settings (Blue)

These contain options for the log

  • Clear log - Clears all entries in the Log Page.
  • Auto Scroll - Always scrolls to the latest log entry.
  • Debug Log - Displays extra log information for helping to diagnose issues.