Below you can find detailed information on how to retrieve IGG account information from your mobile device and import it into the bot.


  1. Download an app called Packet Capture (link below)
  2. Open Packet Capture app and click the play button with the '1' next to it, select Lords Mobile from the list of applications that are displayed.
  3. After the app is selected, close Packet Capture and open Lords Mobile.
  4. Wait till Lords Mobile has loaded into the turf area then close it and reopen packet capture.
  5. Select the first entry in the list, it should be displayed as a date and time and have something below it such as '14 Captures'
  6. Scroll down the next list until you find an entry with a packet size of roughly 500-700 bytes, in the example below the size is 669 bytes, this may vary between different devices/accounts.
  7. If you've selected the right packet you'll see your Device ID (UDID) on the right and your access key will be on the right, as for your IGG ID, you can get this in-game by clicking the Settings Cog and then pressing 'Account'.
  8. Now that you have the account information go to the bot and press Import Account > IGG Login and paste the requested information in and press confirm.

Required App

Packet Capture

Game Center / Apple


The premium version of this HTTP Catcher is required for this tutorial to work correctly, you will also need an apple device.

  1. Download an app called HTTP Catcher (link below), you also have to buy the premium version of it to support HTTPS decryption.
  2. After you have downloaded the app and purchased the premium mode navigate to the tab on the far right side at the bottom of the screen and enable the top option "Decrypt HTTPS Traffic" and follow the prompts.
  3. Now that 'Decrypt HTTPS Traffic' is enabled press the big blue button at the bottom of the app then close HTTP Catcher and launch lords mobile on your phone.
  4. Wait for the game to load into the accounts turf/kingdom and then head back to the HTTP Catcher app and press the blue button again (from step 3)
  5. You'll see a list of intercepted data, now scroll through the list until you find an entry that sends to
  6. The resource URL should be something such as /binding/auto If you click on that entry then head to the Params tab you'll be able to see your access_token (access key) You will also need the part that says 'device-udid'
  7. Now that you have the access_token and UDID, select Import Account -> IGG Login on the bot and enter the IGG ID, Access Key (Access_Token) and Device ID (UDID)

Required App

HTTP Catcher


  1. Download, extract and open the LM-SteamLogin program
  2. Open Lords Mobile on your PC via Steam
  3. Press 'Start' on the program
  4. Press log in via steam button in-game, or use log in with another account
  5. After log in you will see IGG ID and Access key printed in the LM-SteamLogin program.
  6. Open Lords Bot and click Import Account > IGG Login, copy IGG ID and Access Key from LM-SteamLogin and paste it into the prompt in the bot.

Required Program



This program requires administrator privileges in order to intercept traffic from Lords Mobile and gain IGG ID and Access Key, if you are not comfortable with this then please avoid using it.