Equipment Options

Auto Switch

This option allows the bot to automatically change gears for certain actions, these include,

  • Gathering
  • Training
  • Building
  • Research
  • Familiars (merge pact/training)
  • Lunar Gear

Auto Upgrade

When enabled this option will upgrade the quality of your current equipment once the bot has the desired items that are required to upgrade the equipment (if you have ingredient needed). Settings for this can be adjusted from within the 'My Equipment' tab.

Auto Craft

When enabled the bot will attempt to create equipment when it has the desired items that are required to create selected equipment. Settings can be adjusted from within the 'Craft Equipment' tab.

Use Cabinet Expanders

This will allow the bot to use cabinet expander items, they will be used when the cabinet space is at maximum capacity.

The bot also has support for automatically buying these items with gems, in order to achieve this you need to have 'Use Gems' enabled in Gems / Coins settings.

My Equipment

Displays the current items you have in your cabinet/inventory (includes equipped items)

Craft Equipment

This tab can be used for the selection of the equipment items you want the bot to craft.

Gear Set Editor

Open Gear Set Editor

This option allows you to create/edit your own gear sets, these can be used in conjunction with the idle gear set option, as well as for creating override sets.

Idle Gear Set

This is the gear set that will be used whilst the bot is not undergoing any other actions that require gear changing, generally this is used for allowing your bot to slip into hyper/farm gear whilst it is idle. This is good for boosting resource production.

Idle Gear timer (seconds)

The idle gear timer is used to decide how long the bot should wait before switching into the idle gear set, if the bot switches equipment for any other action then this timer will be reset.