Essence Options

Transmute Dark Essences

This allows the bot to transmutate essences in the lab.

Delete Essences that are lower level

When this is set the bot will delete any essence that does not meet the required level, if the value is set to 0 then the bot will not delete any essences.

Essence View

The essence grid displays all information about essences you currently have in the lab. It will display the time required to open it, and the status about any that are currently being forged.

The delete button can be used to remove any essences of your choice.

Rally Options

Join Rallies (Darknest Only)

This allows the bot to join a rally, please not the bot will only join darknest rallies. It will not join a rally against another player or a wonder.

Rally Limit

This is the maximum number of armies that are allowed to join a rally.

Max Travel Time (Minutes)

This is the maximum travel time the bot is allowed to walk to join a rally, the time is based on the time it takes to reach the rally hosts castle.

Maximum Rally Time

This specifies the maximum start time of the rally that the bot is allowed to join, this option is mainly used to prevent the bot from joining fake 8 hour rallies set by other guild members.

Dont Join if Lab is Full?

Prevents sending to Darknest if the Dark Essence Lab is full.

Dont Fill Rally

Prevents the bot sending troops that would fill the darknest to full capacity

Dont Send Siege

Prevents the bot sending siege troops to darknest rallies

Dont Send T5

Prevents T5 troops being sent to rallies.

Send One Type

Sends only the highest ratio troop type. I.e. if the leader sent 60k inf and 20k range. The bot will only send Inf troops.

Add Buffers

Adds 1k of each Cav/Range/Inf of your lowest tier into the rally, used to help prevent higher tier troops entering the infirmary

Darknest Levels To Join

This specifies which level the darknest rally needs to be for the bot to join

Time to wait before rejoining if kicked (Minutes)

This specifies how long the bot should wait before attempting to rejoin a rally if it has it's troops returned by the leader.

Troops To Send

  • Send 1 Troop
    Sends 1 of the lowest tier troops to the rally
  • Send Highest Tier
    Sends the highest tier troops to the rally (or available troops to full fill, starting at high tier and back filling with low, if not using rally priority)

Rally Priority

Highest Tier is usually the best option to pick. If you do not know what setting to choose this would always be the best.

Rally Priority options are based on the in-game research component. When Rally Priority is used in a rally, it is mainly based on the troop ratios of the leaders troops.

  • Highest Tier
    Sends the highest tier troops applicable
  • As Recommended
    Follows the leaders troop composition

Rally Priority (One Troop)

Performs the same as above, but only sends one troop.