Train Troops

Enable/disable auto training of troops

Rotate Troops

Make a cycle train based on troops you choose

Example: If the bot last trained Grunts, it will next train Archers, followed by Cataphracts

Heal Troops

Enable/disable auto heal troops you have on infirmary

Heal Sanctuary

Enable/Disable auto heal sanctum Only will heal each 25% of total on sanctuary.

This button won't disable claiming of devotion, that feature can not be disabled.

Select chapter

Troop training is by Chapter/Skirmish. You can change what troops to train based on how many Skirmishes have been completed on your turf.

Reset troop data

Reset all amount to train numbers to default.


These are the battles within your Turf that are used to unlock other building zones.

Attack skirmish (chapter) level

Enable/disable auto attack skirmish/chapter

Attack Trial By Fire

Enables completion of stages in the Trial By Fire minigame.

Recall troops for skirmish

This feature recalls troops from shelter or gathering to attack in turf Skirmishes

Attack skirmish when troops at:

Attacks the skirmish when N% of your defined troops amounts have been trained.

How to train troops

  1. Check your chapter against the current one on your profile
  2. Enter the total amount of troops you want have for each type, this is total including any already trained.
Remember to click out of the field and onto another one to ensure the settings are kept.
  1. Make sure you have enough resources available for training
You can set the bot to automatically use resource from bag for training, you can do this from settings, general. and tick "use rss from bag"
Account UI Only Note: If you're account is online and in game, you can use the plus (+) symbol followed by the amount of troops you wish to train extra. For instance if you have 100k grunts and 50k more, you can enter +50000 and the bot will automatically adjust the value to 150k