Familiar Settings contains all the settings related to Training, Upgrading, Enhancing and Skills of Familiars.  Chapter 8 must be completed on the account and the familiar building built to be able to use familiars.

Pact options:

Open Pacts (includes New Familiars) - Opens merged or obtained familiar packs automatically.

Merge Pacts - Enable merging of pacts.
You can select the pact(s) you wish to merge with the check boxes to the left of this option.

Note: You must have the research unlocked to be able to train higher level pacts.

Distribute Heroes Evenly - When training familiars in the Gym, distribute the heroes evenly across all familiars being trained.

Daily Fragment Limit - Sets the cost limit per upgrade at which to stop using fragments.

Familiars Grid & Familiar Options

Familiars will be trained and prioritized in the order of this grid, you can click and drag familiars into a chosen order.

The grid at the bottom of the page can be used to select options for a familiar, multiple familiars can be selected at the same time.

Selecting the familiar(s) enables the Familiar Options panel which can be used to set the settings for each one.  You can also tick the checkboxes next to each familiar.

Train - Send this familiar to the gym to be trained.
Train Skills - When a familiar has reached maxed level, continues to send it to the gym to level up a random skill.
Use Exp Items - Allows obtained EXP items to be used on that familiar to level it up.
Shatter Extra Runes - when you have more runes then is required to upgrade a familiar, shatter the extra runes to gain Fragments.
Use Skills - When a familiar's skills becomes available, use its skill.
Upgrade Skills - Use Fragments to upgrade the familiars skills.
Enhance - Allows runes to be used to upgrade the stage of the familiar.

Double Click Menu:

The double click menu allows you to see the Skills available and there status.  You can also use "Dont Upgrade" to prevent upgrading of that skill.
Double clicking on a skill within this window will manually use the skill (if it is non-passive)

The bot does not support the use of attack or debuff skills.