This settings tab can be used to configure all research related functions.

Auto Research - Automatically starts researching if there isn’t one already in progress.

Use Target System – Will research the targeted research and all of the prerequisites. (This is optional, without this checked it will complete trees completely in the order contained within the Bottom Section)

Use Technolabes – Will use Technolabes to instantly finish research with no resource cost (Archaic Tomes will still be used if they are required). The amount of Technolabes the account has is shown next to the Research Tree drop down box.

Note: Event points will not be gained when using Technolabes.

Minimum Research Might for Technolabes – Sets the minimum amount of might that research needs to have for Technolabes to be used.

Targeted Research (Middle Section)

To use Target System, enable it in the section above.

First, open the research tree drop-down and choose a research tree.

The grid below will now show all of the research options in that tree (1st column). In the Target Level column (2nd column) set the target level of the research you want to do, do not set it higher than the maximum level of the research, which is shown in the 3rd column. (You can use the Max Research button to set that research to max level.)

Max Tree Button – Will set the bot to research everything to max level in the tree selected in the Research Tree drop-down box.

Reset Tree Button – Clears the target levels of all the research options in the selected Research Tree.

Research Tree (Bottom Section)

Defines the order of the Research Trees that the bot will complete them in. To change the order, drag and drop the Research Tree into the desired position.

Note: Auto Research needs to be turned on.
Note: If you have Use Target System turned on, the bot will prioritize targeted Research Trees in the order they are in.