Use Gems

This option allows gem spending on the bot.

Withdraw Squad

This allows the bot to buy withdraw squad items, this would be used in correspondence with gathering recalling.


This allows the bot to buy a shield item when required, you can select the type of shield you wish for it to attempt to buy using the combo box. If the bot can't afford the shield it will try to purchase one of lower value.

Essential items

This allows the bot to purchase items required for building and researching. These items include things like Golden Hammers, Steel Cuffs, Tomes, etc. The bot will only purchase the singular item as many times as it requires. Please note it does not purchase packages of the item (E.g. tomes x100, x1000 etc)

VIP Points

This option allows the bot to continuously purchase VIP Points until it reaches the desired level, it can be left as 0 to disable this functionality.

Guild Coins

Majority of the options in here work the same as they do for the gem section, except it's for guild coins.

Boost Items

If any of these are options are enabled then the bot will attempt to purchase the boost items it requires with guild coins. This would be used in conjunction with turf boost settings located in General Settings.

Reserve Guild Coins

This option is used to set a reserve for guild coins. The bot will only spend coins when it is above this reserve and will not go below it.