Schedule settings have additional options for maintaining shield, shelter and anti-scout while offline.


If you have "Prevent Shielding" enabled in the Prison account tab, then these settings will not be applied while you have a leader in your prison. 

Always shielded

The bot will always attempt to keep the account shielded if this option is enabled. The redeploy time located next to this option is a threshold for when the bot will attempt to redeploy the shield to prevent the account becoming unshielded for a short period of time.

For example, if the shield time left drops below the 15 minute mark then the bot will deploy a new shield on top of the existing shield.

Use longer shields first

This option changes the priority of which shield it will attempt to deploy (when required), the original functionality is to use the shortest shields from your inventory first. With this enabled it will be reversed and use the longest shields first.

Shield when under attack

If your castle is attacked by another player the bot will attempt to shield your account as fast as possible. The general deploy time is around 2-4 seconds from when the march walks.

Shield when rallied

If your castle is attacked by a rally the bot will attempt to shield your account as fast as possible. Please note, the bot will only shield once the rally has started marching.

Shield when scouted

If your castle is scouted by another player, the bot will attempt to shield your account. The shield will attempt to be deployed from the second the scout walks, not when it lands or after.


Always Anti-Scout - Ensure the account always has an anti-scout.

Anti-Scout when Scouted - Deploys an Anti-Scout when someone attempts to scout you.

Use Longer Anti-Scout First - Uses the Anti-Scout Item with the most time first from inventory, before smaller ones.

Redeploy Anti-Scout when time left is around X minutes - For use with "Always Anti-Scout" replaces the Anti-Scout when around X minutes is left.

Gathering (Resources Tiles)

Recall troops if attacked

If a tile your troops are gathering is attacked the bot will recall the troops as fast as possible to prevent the attack landing.

Recall troops if scouted

If a tile your troops are gathering on is scouted the bot will recall your troops. The troops are recalled from the second the scout marches, not when it lands or after.

Recall troops on conflict

If someone begins marching towards a tile your gatherers are heading towards then the bot will attempt to pull the troops before they land.

You will need Withdraw Squad items in your inventory for this to be a possibility.

In the instance that your account is shielded then the bot will allow your troops to march as you can't attack other players while you are shielded meaning if the enemy lands before your troops then the attack will bounce.

If the account lands on the tile and the enemy still continues to march then the bot will pull the troops immediately.

This is in order to not waste Withdraw Squad items.

Time to wait before regathering

Should any of the actions above occur (gatherers scouted/attacked), then this is a set amount of time that the bot will avoid sending new gatherers out, once this time is up the bot will continue gathering normally.


Please note, you need at least 1 troop in your base for sheltering to work.

Don't Shelter

The bot will not attempt to shelter any of your troops nor your leader.

Always Shelter

The bot will always keep your leader and troops sheltered at all times for a 12 hour period. The shelter is also released and re-sheltered every ~2 hours.

If your leader is unavailable (Captured/Dead) then the bot will just shelter your troops without a leader.

Recall Sheltered Troops After Attack

When an attack marches on your castle the bot will attempt to shelter your troops and leader as fast as possible. This option will release them from shelter after the player has finished attacking you.

Dont Shelter Siege

This option disables the sheltering of Siege troops so that other more important troops are prioritized.

Shelter Type

This refers to what troops the bot should place in the shelter.

  • Shelter hero and 1 Troop: The bot will shelter your 1 low tier troop and your leader.
  • Shelter hero and best troops: The bot will shelter your highest tier troops and your leader.