Account UI

Individual Account Settings and Information. Accessed by double clicking the account on the Account Grid.

Account UI Overview

Start here for everything you need to know about the Account UI.

Side Bar

The Side Bar displays general information about the account. As well as the ability to rename (Castle Name and Guild Nickname), Link the account to a new binding, assign a proxy manually. See your own stats and boosts and boons. And the stats of your guild mates.

Log Page

This page displays the log for the account, any activity or errors for an account will be displayed within this log.

Guild Page

Guild Tab, Used for managing Guild related settings and Gift (Monster Hunt / Purchase) Tracking Report.

Settings Page

The account settings tab

Resource/Map Page

Functions and Features under the Resource/ Map page. Including "One-Time" supply, Relocate/Migrate options, Migration scroll costs and deployed armies management.

Inventory Page

The Inventory Page can be used to manage your bag items, purchase items from the Gem/Guild Coin shop, access the Bargain Store and to use the in game Mall to buy packs. As well as sending gifts to other players.

Heroes Page

How to view what Heroes an account has unlocked, their Rank, Level and Exp

Buildings Page

How to view currently constructed buildings, manually construct based on building settings, and set a build spam command target.

Talents Page

The talents page can be used to manually assign talent points and view your talents.

Misc Settings

Misc Settings can be accessed by using the drop down next to the save icon at the top of the Account UI. It holds additional features such as creating a template of the account settings, removing guest binding and one time access key refresh

Research Page

The research page can be used to view the status of ongoing research, to manually speedup, finish with gems, or use Technolabes.

Army Page

The Army page details all army related information on an account, Castle Wall Heros, Leader/Avatar, Troops, Infirmary and shelter information

Mail Page

Mark as read – This button will mark all mail of the selected inbox as read. Delete – This button will delete and remove all mail of the selected inbox. Inbox Category – This is a drop-down box that switched you between the three inboxes, which are: · Mail – Direct messages from other players.

Prison Page

Execute Prisoners – The bot will automatically Execute Prisoners when they are able to be. Prevent Shielding – Stops the bot from applying a shield if there are Prisoners held. Prisoners – Shows how many prisoners are being held out of 30, which is the maximum capacity. The table on this page shows

Baron Page

⚠️Note: The Baron tracker will only during any Royal Battleground event. Emperor, Chalice and Baron.Start Tracking – Starts the tracker to show you who is controlling the current royal wonder and for how long. Stop Tracking – Stops the tracker. Clear List – Clears the table of all tracking data. The table

Hero Stages

Normal Displays the table showing information on the Normal Hero Stages. The table shows the information for the Normal Stages in three Columns: · Chapter – Tells you which chapter the stage is in. · Stage Name – Gives you the name and number of the stage as well as the chapter number. This

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