Changing Template

The Templates button is where you can create, modify and apply saved settings to your accounts.

Open Folder - Opens the /templates/ folder, you can save downloaded templates here, or delete/share templates from this directory.

Clicking a template name - Applies that template and its settings to the selected account(s).

Template Editor

This is where you can modify an existing template.

Select the Template Editor and a new window will open, which looks similar to the account's General Settings.

To edit a template, choose the template from the Select Template dropdown on the right-hand side.

Then you change all of the settings to how you want them and then select the Save Template button on the right-hand side. This will save all of the settings as they are currently set. To only change certain settings select the Specific Settings Only? check box.

You will now see all the settings with checkboxes next to them below. Select the checkboxes for the ones you want to edit.

Now you will find that you can only interact with the selected settings, the rest are greyed out.

Once you have edited the settings you want select the Save Template, this will only save the settings you have selected, the greyed-out ones will stay the same.

Creating Templates

You can create a template of an account, from within the account UI. In the Misc settings menu. See here

Templates shared by users
Here you can found somes template from another users, we suggest you take a look with template editor for verify/change what settings contains

Xenios template: My general theory/thoughts: Hyper bots don't need shields (waste of gems/coins) GC are saved up for migration scrolls to move with main guild, set a minimum to keep before the bot will be allowed to spend, I did 3m as an example Gems are saved up for Gold Hammers, set a minimum to keep, 100k should be enough for all the gold hammers you will need Banks are shielded 24/7 Hunting of monsters lvl 1, a bot with out good research and equipment can finish a lvl 1 maybe 2 of them. If you guild doesn't like L1's then set it to L2 hero Stages, set it to attack sequentially on normal until at least 4-18, then start elite sequentially; the templates were made after I had achieve a spot and could start bringing at least one hyper hero to gold for each bot. Building's, I set the 48th spot to a farm and set this as a build spam target [Not in the templates]. Farms are nice because they don't require food, so all of your hypers should be able to spam it easily. Fam training should be set for both pacts and gyms for the resource hyper type. Other thoughts: A) People will farm your bots for free kills, I would recommend turning off healing of troops after chapter 8 is unlocked if you are not shielding on attack. b) I like the two bank method, one bank is a food bank (not a food hyper!), and the other can bank everything else. Set all your food hypers to send to the food bank, and everyone else/other rss to send the the 2nd bank. Templates are a general guide, you SHOULD go through and set some settings to YOUR liking. I modified the original templates after building with my hypers for ~3-4months. After about ~6 months with 32 hypers I was producing nearly 1b of each rss every ~4 days
  1. food
  2. stone
  3. wood
  4. ore