General Information

The talent system works by following the talent table and assigning available points to talents you have selected. The account has to have available talent points to spend in order for this functionality to work correctly.

It is recommended to reset your accounts talents if you are wanting the bot to follow the talent table you have configured.

Talent Options

Automatically Configure Talents

This allows the bot to use the configuration table, in the section below, for assigning talents. if this option is not selected the bot will not automatically assign any spare talent points.

Talent Table

Reset Talent Points

This will reset all assigned talent points on the table to 0.

Default Talent Points

This will allocate the bots default talent points to the table.

Max Talent

This sets the maximum amount of points for the selected talent.

Talent points left

This is the number of talent points that can still be assigned to talents. This point number is not based on your accounts available points. and simply represents the  maximum number of talent points you can achieve in the game.