Execute Prisoners – The bot will automatically Execute Prisoners when they are able to be.

Prevent Shielding – Stops the bot from applying a shield if there are Prisoners held.

Prisoners – Shows how many prisoners are being held out of 30, which is the maximum capacity.

The table on this page shows the information on the Leaders that are held, there are six Columns:

·Can Execute? – Contains a check box that remains empty until the Leader is ready to be executed, then the bot checks the box.

·Tag – Displays the Guild Tag of the account the Leader belongs to.

· Player – This is the name of the account the Leader belongs to.

· Level – Shows the Leader’s current level.

· State – Indicates which of the four states the captured leader is in; awaiting execution, can be executed, Dead, or Poisoned.

· Time – This shows how much time is left until the Leader can be executed or how long the Leader can be executed for.

Pay Ransom

If your leader is in another players Prison the Pay Random button will appear if they Ransom your leader.  You can use this to pay the Ransom and get your leader back.