Building Options

Auto Build

Allows the bot to automatically build

Lowest Level First

If this is enabled the bot will target the lower level buildings first

Building Priority

Building priority is used to allow the bot to prioritize certain buildings

  • Castle
  • Resource [Manor, Mines, Farm, etc.]
  • Academy
  • Manor
  • Barracks/Infirmary
  • Monsterhold
  • Familiars
  • Trading Post
  • Resource (No Manor)
  • Treasure Trove
  • Workshop
  • No Priority

Max Building Level

This can be used to set a cap on the maximum level you will allow a building to be upgraded too by the bot

Building View

The building view/grid is used to assign the buildings you wish to be built in each location of the turf. The building view will be automatically updated with your current buildings upon first signing in to the bot.

Buildings that are already built will not be automatically demolished by the bot if you change the building type. The building must first be demolished then the building can be changed from the building view.

Reset Building Data

This button is used to reset all the building data back to defaults.

How To Assign a Building

A building can be assigned by clicking the specified location on the grid and then using the selector at the top to choose which building you want.

The selector will display the buildings which are allowed to be built in each specified location.