Account Settings

For use with Account UI, Global Settings or Template Editor

General Settings

Configuration settings under the General Settings tab.

Protection Settings

Protection Settings. Shield and Anti-Scout Options.

Supply Settings

Supply Settings for offloading resources from hyper account to a guild bank.

Gathering Settings

Gathering Settings, used to collect resources automatically from the kingdom map.

Rally Settings

Darknest Rally Joining Settings.

Cargo Ship Settings

Cargo Ship trading options.

Gems/Coins Settings

Gems and Guild Coin spending settings.

Talents Settings

Automatic talent tree settings.

Heroes Settings

Settings related to Hero Stages and Colosseum

Building Settings

Settings related to the buildings within your Castle Turf.

Army Settings

Settings related to the training of troops, healing and the completion of skirmishes

Equipment Settings

Equipment Settings. Automatic gear crafting, changing and idle gear.

Familiars Settings

Familiar Settings contains all the settings related to Training, Upgrading, Enhancing and Skills of Familiars.

Guild Bank Settings (Account UI Only)

Configuration for Guild Bank and In-Game Command settings.

Manage Guild Settings (Account UI Only)

Manage guild can be used to Whitelist, Blacklist or Accept players into a guild.

Schedule Settings

A Schedule can be used to set when an account is offline and online within the game.

Research Settings

This settings tab can be used to configure all research related functions.

Monster Settings

This setting page contains all hunting related settings.

Guild Fest Settings

Guild Fest related settings.

Artifacts Settings

💡The bot will only check chests that are available to open once every 8hrs or so. Settings Appraise Artifacts - Bot will automatically appraise new artifacts. Collect Free Artifact Chests - Open Chests that do not cost coins automatically. Buy Artifact Chests - Spend coins on chests and open them.

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