Guild View

Guild info

This is where the most important information about the current guild the account is in can be found.

  • Guild: Name of the current guild.
  • Leader: Guilds leader (Rank 5).
  • Members: Amount of members within the guild.
  • Guild level: Gift level/rank of the guild.
  • Might: Total player might of all members.
  • Kingdom: The Home Kingdom of the Guild.
  • Rank: Accounts current ranking within the guild (R1/2/3/4/5)

Join Guild

Guild Tag

This represents the active tag of the Guild you are trying to join, a Guild tag contains 3 characters.

You can click the join Guild button once the tag is entered to attempt to join or send a request to the specified Guild.

Leave Guild

Used to leave the Guild you are currently in.

Note: If you are an R5 (The Guild Leader) in the Guild then this option will disband the Guild. Use with caution.

Create Guild


The name you wish for the Guild to be called.


The tag you wish for the Guild to use, a Guild tag is often used as an identifier for your Guild.

Once you have specified both the tag and name you can attempt to create the guild by using the 'Create Guild' button. If the guild fails to create due to using an existing name or tag or any other error then you will notice that generally nothing happens within the interface. In this case you should try using a different tag/name and trying again.

Guild Management

Guild management can be used to modify in-game Guild settings, in order to use this your account's rank within the Guild must be either R4 or R5.


Sets whether your guild accepts anyone that joins or if they need to apply and be accepted

  • Open
  • Any player can join
  • Restricted
  • Members need to apply

Edit Message

This modifies the public message board which can be seen by any player

Edit Slogan

This modifies the Guilds slogan

Edit Announcement

This modifies the internal Guild message board, this can only be seen by other Guild members

Edit Guild Name

Modifies Guilds name

Edit Guild Tag

Modifies the Guilds tag

Change Home Kingdom

Sets the home kingdom of the Guild to whichever kingdom you are currently in

Transfer Leadership

Transfers the leadership of the Guild (R5) to the selected player

Disband Guild

Disbands the Guild, this cannot be undone.


Sets the Guilds default language.


Chat Log

The chat log can be used to monitor any chat activity happening in your guild or global chat, after 500 messages this chat log will be automatically cleared and reset to reduce memory usage.

Sending a message

You can send messages to your guild or global chat by using the chatbox located at the bottom of the page. To send the message you can use either the 'Send Message' button or by pressing enter on your keyboard. You can select either the Guild or Global channel with the radio button to the right of the 'Send Message' button.

Statistics (Help/Gifts)

This is where all details based on help and gift statistics can be found/retrieved.

  • Help - Amount of helps sent to guild members
  • Gifts - Total amount opened gifts
  • Individual Gifts Stats - Amount of gifts opened separated by level (rarity color)


All reports are saved in the following path: {Your Bots Folder}\config\{The Accounts IGG-ID}\stats\exported.

Save Stats

This option allows the bot to save information on Hunt/Purchase giftboxes counted on the program when the desired reset time is reached.

Save Guild List

Outputs the Name, IGG ID, Might and Kills of all players in the guild. It will also display the differences in might/kills between the current export and the last one.

Save Guild Fest Stats

Generates a report at the end of guild fest details the attempts/completion and points each player in the guild got.

Set Reset Time

Day Based:

Resets the stats weekly on that day and time.

Time Based:

Resets the stats Every N hours (1 to 7 days), at a certain time of day.


Used to manually reset guild statistics, if save stats is enabled the bot will ask you if you wish to save these statistics before the reset is done.

Export Mode

Used to specify which file format you wish for the bot to use upon saving statistics.

Options include

  • TXT (Text File)
  • XLSX (Excel File)
  • CSV (Comma Separated Value)
  • HTML (Web Table)

View Detailed Stats

Used to see individual gifting statistics for each member in the guild. If you wish to see the boxes obtained by a specific member then you can select the member on the list located to the left side, gifts from this member will be displayed on the right side.