The research page can be used to view the status of ongoing research, to manually speedup, finish with gems, or use Technolabes.

The top left drop down can be used to navigate between research trees, if a tree has anything currently being researched it will be highlighted in blue.

Next to this drop down is a field displaying the current amount of Technolabes the account has.

The research grid below shows the current level of the research, the max level of that research.  And if it is the current research in progress, it will show the amount of helps guild mates have sent, and the remaining time.

Right clicking on a research line will display a sub menu:

Start Research - Starts the selected research
Finish with Gems - Complete this research with gems
Finish with Technolables - Completes that research with Technolables (this does not grant event points, and cannot be used on research already in progress)
Finish with Speed Ups - Completes that research with speedups (Only applicable if being used on a currently in progress research.)
Cancel Research - If that research is in progress, it will be canceled.