If you have GuildFest enabled, and setup to do gathering quests, these settings will be overridden to give the bot the best chance of completing the quest.

Gathering Options

Gather Resources

This option has to be checked in order for the bot to gather resources.

Leave One Spare Army

This option forces the bot to exclude one army from gathering, it is useful if you wish to have all possible armies gathering but wish to leave one for hunting or other actions.

Max Amount of Armies To Gather

This option decides how many armies should be allowed to be sent out for gathering, if the option is set to 0 then the bot will use all possible armies of the account.

Gathering Levels

The gathering level check-boxes decide which level tiles the bot is allowed to search for, if a certain level is unselected then the bot will ignore any tiles with this level.

Available Tile Levels

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5

Gathering Types

The gathering type check-boxes decide which type of resources the bot is allowed to search for, if a certain type is unselected then the bot will ignore any tiles of this type.

Available Tile Types

  • Food
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Ore
  • Gold
  • Gems (Lodes)

Gather resource with the lowest amount

This option finds the lowest type of resource you have in your castle and prioritizes tiles of this type during the search. The lowest type is also decided by what tile types you have selected. If it fails to find any tiles of this type at the time then it will continue to gather like normal.

For example if food is your lowest resource type in your castle and the food type is selected then the bot will prioritize food tiles over other tiles.

Ignore level settings for gems

This option forces the bot to gather any level of gem lode, regardless of your level selection settings.

Only gather clearable tiles

This option forces your bot to only go for tiles it can actually clear, for example if you don't have enough troops to clear a certain tile then this tile will be skipped.

Auto Recall Camps

This option is used to auto recall camps, on rare occasions if a tile is disappears for whatever reason while a march is walking to it then this will cause the army to become camped at the location. This option is good for preventing that by auto recalling these camps as opposed to leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Use Gathering Gear

This option allows the bot to equip gathering gear, if this option is used the bot will skip any other actions requiring gear changing until all the gathering armies have landed on the tiles. This is done to prevent the bot miscalculating and the tile being left half finished.

Max Travel Time

This represents the maximum amount of time a gathering army is allowed to travel, if a found tile is further away then the specified amount then this tile will be skipped during the search.

Sending Delay (Seconds)

This allows a set delay between each march being sent out of the base, if the delay is set to 5 seconds then it will wait 5 seconds in-between sending each march to a tile.

Search Multiplier

increases range of area around castle by 360 for gather example: value 1 = 1 screen of phone, value 2 = 2 screen of phone

Minimum tile count

This represents the minimum amount of resources left on a tile in order for the bot to select it to gather on, if it is below this mimimum then tiles like this will be skipped. Please note, this option does not apply to gem lodes.

Target highest level over closest

If this option is checked then the bot will attempt to target higher level tiles over tiles that are closest to it's location.

Gathering Schedule

The gathering schedule is a fixed time frame which can be used to control when the bot should begin gathering on the account. The schedule must fall on the same day and cannot be used to roll over into another day (Example: Gather between 22:00 and 06:00).

The times are in 24 hour format and stand for the time of day depending on your computers time settings, for example if the gathering schedule is set between 08:00 and 20:00 then it means the bot will gathering between 8am and stop at 8pm.

When the schedule end time is surpassed the bot will allow the gathering armies to finish their tiles and will not force recall any troops.

Gathering Algorithm

The algorithm for gathering works by collecting all your gathering settings and performing a large search of the area around the castle. The final search has 3 priority types which include

  • Target highest level - Targets the highest level tiles which are closest to you
  • Target closest tile -Targets the closest tiles to your location
  • Target lowest resource type - Targets a tile type based on your lowest resource amount.

Each of these priorities always take the distance to a tile into account as to not send your armies too far away.