This page describes how to purchase USDT Cryptocurrency from Bybit, and the procedure of transferring purchase USDT to us as Payment

Bybit, wont accept credit/debit card directly. You will need to purchase USDT via Peer2Peer with bank transaction. We suggest using someone who will trade USDT for deposits into sberbank/Tinkoff

1.Create account on bybit: click here for create account

2. Buy USDT using someone accept sberbank/Tinkoff transfer

Try find a seller with 90%+ fulfillment and using sberbank/Tinkoff

3.Then click on your balance and click the transfer button next to USDT.

4. Ask for sending address trc20 or bep20 from one of the admin on slack (@shark or @Unlx)
5. Enter the address for transfer given and select trc20/bep20 like on screenshot

Due to the volume of transactions, we recommend adding a small extra  decimal amount for easier payment identification.
Example if your buying 20 USDT of product → send 20.031 USDT, this allows us to identify and process your order quicker.
The TRC20 protocol has a minimum transfer amount of around $10USD.

There is a fee for making transactions, please make sure that the amount your sending to us, is the total required. You are responsible for paying the transaction fee on top.

tip: buy slots and time license in one transfer for reduce transaction fees.