!helpSends all commands ingame!helpSends a list of commands
!posSends the Guild Bank location!posReports the exact location of the Bank
!statsSends the Guild Gift stats ingame!statsReport of all Guild Gifts collected since reset
!shieldChecks the shield time!shieldReport of when the Bank shield drops
!shield deployDeploys a shield on the bank!shield deployShield is activated on the bank
!relocate [X] ‎[Y]Relocates the bank!relocate 243 209Relocates the bank to coords X:243 Y:209
!buildspam [amount] ‎[delay]Spams helps for Guild fest/Guild coins!buildspam 120 5The bank will spam help 120 times, with a 5 second delay between each build
!hunt [x] ‎[y]Hunts the specified monster!hunt 150 166The bank will hunt a monster located on X:150 Y:166
!hunt [on/off]Disable or enable hunting for the account!hunt onEnables hunting
!addtitle [player] ‎[title]If the bank is regent, it will give a title!addtitle Shark chiefThe bank will give Shark the title "Chief"
!deltitle [title]The bank will remove the the specified title!deltitle chiefThe bank will delete the chief title from the player currently having it
!whitelist [player] ‎[Rank]Acceps a player into Guild and sets Rank!whitelist Shark R4Shark will be accepted into Guild and given Rank 4
!blacklist [player]Rejects a player applying to the guild!blacklist SharkShark will not be allowed into the Guild (or kicked)
!unlistwhite [player]Removes a player from the whitelist!unlistwhite SharkShark will be removed from the Whitelist
!unlistblack [player]Removes a player from the blacklist!unlistblack SharkShark will be removed from the Blacklist
!purgeClears the Guild Chat!purgeThe Guild Chat will be cleared
!abortAborts all RSS shipments!abortAll RSS that is queued will be canceled
!yell [msg]Writes a message to the guild chat!yell helloWrites hello in the guild chat
!questGets banks guild fest status!questMails requesting player the guild fest status of thebank
!guild [tag]Leaves the current guild and joins a new one!guild 123Leaves the guild and tries to join '123'
!camp / !campleader [x] ‎[y]Sends a camp to x/y!camp 100 100Sends a 1 troop camp to x:100 y:100
!setgather ‎[on/off]Disable or enable gathering for the account!setgather offDisables gathering
!snowbeastActivates the snowbeast familiar ability!snowbeastSnowbeast familiars skill is activated
!stop [time]Stops the bank for "x" Seconds!stop 60Bank will log off for 1 Minute (60seconds)


!balChecks your balance!balReport of how much RSS you sent to the Bank
!adminbal [player]Check the balance of the player!bal SharkReport of how much RSS Shark sent to the Bank
!adminbalCheck the RSS balance of the Bank!adminbalReport of how much RSS the Bank has
!adminbagChecks the RSS Balance of the Banks Bag!adminbagReport of how much RSS the Bank has in bags
!setbal [player] ‎[type] ‎[amount]Manually sets RSS balance to an account!setbal Shark food 100MSets Food Balance of Shark to 100M (Letting him request 100M food from the bank)
!setacc ‎[player]Sets all Balance to be acredited to another acc!setacc SharkAll the balance you send to the Bank will be acredited to the account Shark
!transfer [player] ‎[type] ‎[amount]Transfers the Balance to another player!transfer SharkYou sent 50M gold to the bank, after the command those 50M are credited to Shark
!setrsslimit [type] ‎[amount]Sets a limit for RSS which bank won't go below!setrsslimit gold 100MIf the Bank has less than 100M Gold it won't send gold anymore


![type]‎ ‎[amount]Sends one specific RSS!food 5MThe bank sends 5M of Food
!rss [F]‎ [S]‎ [W]‎ [O]‎ [G]Sends all types of RSS!rss 5M 5M 5M 5M 0The bank sends 5M of all RSS (except Gold)
!donate[type][player]‎ [amount]Sends RSS to a specific player!donatefood Shark 5MThe bank sends 5M Food to the player named "Shark"
!admin[type]‎ [player]‎ [amount]Sends RSS to a specific player!adminfood Shar 5MThe bank sends 5M Food to the player named "Shark"
!adminrss [F]‎ [S]‎ [W]‎ [O] ‎[G] ‎[player]Sends all types of RSS!admin rss 0 5M 5M 5M 5M SharkThe bank sends 5M of all RSS (except Food) to the player named "Shark"