This solution may work for other emulators but this tutorial has only been tested and written for LDPlayer. In theory this will work with any android device/emulator accessible over ADB that is rooted.

Steps (Emulator)

  1. Open LDPlayer, also make sure Lords Mobile is installed on the device
  2. Navigate to Settings > Other Settings
alt text
  1. Enable Root Permission and set ADB Debug to 'Open Connection', restart emulator if required.
alt text

Steps (Bot)

  1. Open Lords Mobile Bot and right click the account you wish to gain entry too
  2. Select the option 'Create VITAL Files', select the destination you wish the files too. It's recommended to use the same directory that the LBImport tool is saved too otherwise it may not work correctly.
alt text
  1. Once files are successfully created, extract files from LB-AccountImporter.zip and run Account Importer application
  2. Once the importer is open and your emulator is running and configured using the previous steps, click the 'Connect' button, if the connection is successful it should look like the image below.
alt text
  1. After successful connection, click the 'Select Folder' button and navigate to the folder created from Step 2, simply highlight it and press 'Select Folder' again
alt text
  1. If the operation is successful you will see a dialog box like so, you'll now be able to launch Lords Mobile on the emulator and the desired account will be loaded in-game.
alt text

Required Files

Video Walkthrough