Account Creation

  • Do not use Bulk-Creation without proxies.
  • Use IPV4 SOCKS5 Proxies (preferably 1 proxy for 3-5 accounts).
  • Do not mass-join a guild.
  • Do not mass-relocate into a hive.
  • Do not use similar/bot-like names. (E.g. MrBot001, MrBot002).
  • If you are having issues with accounts being banned that were made with the program then we recommend trying to manually create your bots in an emulator, and level them to at least C7+
  • Buy some packs for each account created recently (1 usd/+ pack hero).
  • Run accounts on new kingdoms have highest risk of bans.

Bot Settings

  • Set Startup/Stop Delay (Settings->Connection Settings) [5+ Seconds].
  • Allow Maintenance Watcher (Settings).

Account Settings

  • Try using a higher worker speed such as 2,000+
  • Set Reconnect Time to 30+ seconds.
  • Humanize Check Helps/Check Gifts.
  • Avoid using Shield on Scout.
  • Avoid Mass-Supply (A lot of accounts sending RSS to Bank constantly).
  • Avoid Spam arrows on map like Gather/Supply/Hunt/Nest joining troops.
  • Use Schedule (Let your bots rest for at least 6Hrs+ a day).
  • Use Gather Schedule to prevent suspicious looking hives.
  • Avoid guild festival for new castles aged 4-6 months.
  • During kvk disable supply/gather (for avoid reports)
  • Disable adventure log if your account are getting spam attack NPC

Other Tips

  • Avoid taking accounts online and offline rapidly (Restarting program too frequently, stop and starting a lot, etc).
  • Do not run bot before/after maintenance (recommended stop/start 90 min before/after maintenance) [We recommend use Maintenance Watcher]
  • If you receive several bans on 1 IP, it may be flagged and therefore bans will occur more often.
  • Try "normalizing" bot stats. Let them get zeroed a few times/leader capped.
  • Place your bots carefully. Do not go near the base/other guilds and constantly steal their tiles / monsters. Avoid gathering level 5 resource tiles.
  • Avoid annoying other players, as you will get reported.

Cheating/Botting in any game is against the rules and CAN result in a ban. Do not bot with accounts you cannot afford to lose.